About Us

We work in the fields of digital marketing and creative designing.

As a 360-degree marketing company, we impart knowledge and organize your marketing needs to create real-time strategies. We help you adapt to the changing market trends and thereby create space by integrating multiple platforms together.
Communicating through innovative designs and taglines, we help you connect with your target audience in the most effective way possible. We make sure to always align ourselves with your core brand values while coming up with imaginative and engaging content. We strive to find the perfect marriage between telling unique stories and streamlining our resources to pierce through an overly saturated market space.

People behind the curtains

Meet the Team

Sauhitya Garabadu

Marketing Consultant

A marketing consultant by profession and a car enthusiast by heart, Sauhitya has helped brands establish engagement with the online world. A Digital Marketing and Online Sales specialist he has assisted brands in creating and implementing the best possible strategies to reach their target audience.

Aakanksha Jodhaani


With her in-depth and unparalled expertise in this field, Aakanksha brings to a balance between the employees and the company policy on the table along with managing day-to-day business operations across various business functions.

Suprakash Mishra

PR and Content Head

An optimistic and witty individual, Suprakash has been responsible to develop and execute an effective public relations strategy to meet business objective, while maintaining existing relations. He has also been responsible to ensure all content is on-brand and in terms with the brand guidelines.

Ismael Mulla

Sales & Marketing

With a keen and sharp eye for marketing, Ismael has been managing the on-going business activities at FDMS while playing a pivotal role in the company's growth. He has also played a key role in providing solutions to the clients and bridging the gap between the team and the clients.

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