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How changing times have brought business to economise on LGBTQ

Acceptance is the new Adaptation!!

For many decades,  businesses are working to enhance their brands and their internal practices on LGBTQ issues, investing in culture, benefits, and marketing to welcome LGBTQ workers and customers, and to telegraph inclusion and openness. But in recent years, the situation has shifted: more companies are talking freely on public policy impacting the LGBTQ community, and many are doing so in places where they find high chances of growth, putting their brands and political relationships on the road. LGBTQ acceptance is good for the economy, and as more and more businesses make this connection, they are stepping forward to make the economic case for non-discrimination protections and against discriminatory laws. And they are not doing it alone. They are turning to unions to ensure they have strength in numbers, resources, and messaging alignment.

Moving towards social media, it’s a platform flooded with various bloggers, influencers, promoters etc. Almost all businesses are trying to have a social presence in order to have a better reach to audience. Many businesses have started approaching the LGBTQ community for the content creation of their products. It’s a win-win situation for both the parties as it’s no longer a metric. It is a business vital approach as it helps the community grow and thus helps the country to accept them. 

Here are some exceptional remarkable  personalities and groups from the LGBTQ community who influence lives through Indian Instagram accounts-

1) Sufi Malik and Anjali Chakra, they are a beautiful and loving lesbian couple. Both of them have round about 183k followers. Many brands use this as a benefit to them and thus collaborate. Scrolling through their Instagram pages, from Marc Jacobs fragrances to Kay jewelers, every alternative post of them is a paid promotion. 

There’s this one post where they use their love and affection towards each other, to pose for a promotion. They had been dating for past 2 years, and back then had gifted each other a promise ring from Kay jewelers, and now, have been a part of the #KayCrew. 

2) Maitrayanee Mahanta and her partner Neeta (@gypsymilady) , yet another gorgeous couple with the belief of “haters gonna hate, but lovers gonna love”. They have collaborated with entertainment content creator- Dolly Singh. They are soon to be featured in the music video Raachi by Ritviz. Thus, many brands use this publicity to their advantage by collaborating with them.  From skincare to haircare to clothing, all these brands have approached and thus collaborated with them. With their utmost love for each other, they never fail to strike a beautiful pose and build creative content for their feed and for these paid sponsorships.

3) Anwesh Sahoo, Artist, blogger, model, dancer and motivational speaker…..yet another many in one personality. He is one of the top 12 contestant of Mr Gay World 2016. From Delhi times to Hindustan times, he has been featured in various newspapers multiple times. He also had been honored to be a part of Harvard University panel on Sexual violence and Human Right in India. He posts his beautiful illustrations and photoshoots depicting gender non- conformity , gay pride and much more on his art account @the.effeminare. He has created many wonderful illustrations for @houseofmasaba and also has been featured on the latter’s page. 

4) Vivek Shraya, a trans artist, actor, musician and author, again a versatile personality with various talents. Her price winning book- “I’m afraid of Men” which was published in 2018 explores how she was forced into masculinity due to her sex assigned at birth which traumatized her as a girl. Due to her long hair, which pushed her masculinity down, is now a pro for her, as she is assigned with various hair care brands, one of them being Pantene. Also her never ending love for makeup, got her an opportunity and thus collaborated with Mac cosmetics. She has received much love and respect, which she truly deserves. 

5) Alok Menon, an author, performer, speaker and a fashionista. Being featured in leading channels like HBO, MTV, CNN and New York times. “I had to learn to perform as a boy”, says Menon, so that people wouldn’t harass him. Thus he wrote poems as a teenager to vent out pain he had to face. Starting with his latest collaboration with Urbodyco, a new brand of gender- affirming innerwear and bodywear focusing on classic styles made specifically to expand options for trans, non-binary and queer people. Inspiration to many people, always acing it like a King!!

Finally to conclude with, 

The century old law, Section 377, was recently repealed to de-criminalize sexual orientation or relationship between two consenting adults of an equivalent gender. The fundamental right to measure and work with dignity was upheld. This landmark judgment is believed to possess long-term impact, especially with companies which were worried about LGBT inclusion thanks to regulation issues. Equal opportunity and recognition of the very fact that this preference is that the right of the individual and within his or her personal space are the principles that the judgment was based on. All this to mention , LGBTQ inclusion is favorable for the economy, and as more and more businesses make this connection, they’re stepping forward to form the economic case for non-discrimination protections and against discriminatory laws. And they are not doing it alone. They are turning to coalitions to make sure they need strength in numbers, resources, and messaging alignment. 

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