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How to use Google Maps to Market your Business

Jab bhule bhatke, raaste na mile. Ya pata ho laapata, ab sab milein Google Maps se. So, why’s your business still missing the destination wala red tag? Idea is simple yet unique to actually stand out in the maps. Google maps are the visual representation of places on earth and in business marketing, it’s simply aapke dukan ki pehchan.

Just a tip before reading this whole article till its end: Bracketed sentences are to be read at the speed of mutual funds ad guy.

Word carrying a (*) with it has its meaning explained at the very bottom of the article.


No matter how much statistical data of population is digital, 88% of consumers are shopping locally (detailed jaanch ke anusar). Kyuki Manushya ek social animal hai. Sticking your head inside the phone screen doesn’t stop you occasionally visiting the trial rooms and getting confused about whether to pull or push the glass door of that store.

While people were casually using navigation on their phones, google thought,”why don’t we up our social game a little more?”and slid to the dms of google maps marketing.The move was so smooth that everybody knew the steps to follow just like the background dancers of bollywood songs. Aur yahan hero hai Business Marketing. Local Businesses are like, “mann me laddu phuta?”. Then looking at all those asthetic profiles of SEOs and cost effectiveness,it’s all “mann mein ek aur laddu phuta!’ wali feels.

Being simple as it seems and efficient to the larger chunk of the business arena, it is importantly gaur karne wali baat hai. Writing the content, if my plans with brands and companies don’t fit in the small businesses’ business then it’ll be unfair and highly privileged of me. So brace yourselves with ‘ koi kaam chota ya bada nahi hota’ and move on to a larger picture of this whole story. (All that gyan to fix the attention which may have been lost due to the article having interest of local and small businesses because it’s equally important for all to understand).

SEARCH HERE__________.

You may have lots of questions regarding how exactly it functions, which is very conveniently dependent on who you are to understand what you search.

    1. Small business owner- Whether it’s a startup or a store oreven a franchise that you own, Google Maps marketing is the expert level of navigation game.

    1. Just a curious reader- Anybody with a curiosity problem can have an acute knowledge of this feature.( In case you have change of plans in future and just leave your job to open a gift shop).


Let’s start with the first type where the syndication is amplified with the red POIs (point of interests). Udaharan ke liye, imagine you have just lost your cell phone and you ( being a potential careless human being) do not remember any of your contacts. In this case, you’ll suddenly feel the red POI dangling above your head has just vanished and nobody can know where you are. You remember your address but for that point of time and place, you are lost for all others who know you or want to have access to you. Now udaharan anusar the ‘that point of time and place’ is the internet and your contacts are the potential customers to whom you have your service to offer. So how to start with the process? now that you know the mahatva of Google Maps marketing for your business. 

Now to the second type, a curious reader which I may assume you are. Jisse yaad aaya, moving on for more of your jigyasa.

Agenda is ‘clear hai boss!’ It helps you to be the khoj of your prospects. To further deduct this equation, there’s a catalyst which makes the functioning of this feature from cool to awesome just in a few steps and that is Google My Business. Made perfectly for indian users because………(you guessed it right, it’s MUFT MUFT MUFT)


Google My Business is an easy peasy tool to create and manage businesses’ google listings*. Setting up includes following steps:

    • Sign up karein apne google account pe. ( The one through which your page will be operated).

    • Apna khaata kholein with adhik jaankaari of what category and what are you gonna provide in your business (arthaarth apni dukaan lagaein digitally).

    • Pata aur sampark ki suvidha. (fill in all the necessary detailed information so that you show up on google maps).

    • Dus prakar ke verification wali step.(Business verification, snail mail, phone, email, falana aur dhimka verifications. Inke saath aur bhi kayi suvidhaein hain which includes existing business website verified with Google Search Console*, then it’s just one step with Instant Business Verification. Just an ad on to all of it, is Bulk verification which helps you manage your business on multiple locations all at once.(but this mostly doesn’t work with local seo agencies, still it’s okay, thoda seh lenge). 

Chotu si Chetavni : Staying verified is a must if you don’t wanna break your streak of maintaining the verified status of your Google Maps marketing listing. If google sees you not doing the regular check up of your page, it can de-verify or ring a bell to remind you to fix or optimize your account.


Just as you would remember after wrapping up all your notebooks in nice orange covers, it’d be time for some funky stickers and the elongated thoughts over the selecting calligraphy for your details. 

In the same way your account needs some more sajawat like:

    • Chitra : Add as many photographs for the look and feel of your service provided. It comes with the clearer understanding of your consumer behavior as a token of credibility.

    • Chal-chitra : Video content gives you the lit effect to your marketing strategies. DIYs aur aise aur bhi kayi sare beginners wali tutorials to dekhi hi hongi aap sabhi ne. Ample no. of ideas can be generated only through this factor alone.

    • Feedback (hindi me likhne ka bahut man tha but the word would be too hard to read) Pratipushti: Reviews or just ratings of your service or testimonials build the social trust and proof for your business which makes it more authentic.

    • Guna (no clue how to write the na part which you read as na but is actually na in hindi) meaning Quality ( ab jis jis ki hindi achchi hai,have understood the above line) :

Addition of your business attributes through description either long tail keywords or just subcategories for better listing opportunities.

Posting and every other above mentioned thing can be posted by both consumers and owners of the businesses, preferably consumers would build a stronger position to fetch more traction to the business marketing. Also, the posting can be carried out often for regularity and keeping the audience engaged.


Starting with a daily life example for pradashaniya advancements of gps more than you thought which are leveraging the local businesses more and more.

    1. As soon as you leave your favourite restaurant, there comes this feedback or rating option through your gps if you liked the place or not.

    1. Second one is even when you’re passing a store and you spend a fair amount of time just outside of it, the feedback would still appear if you liked the place.

Both of the above scenarios are in the interest of Google maps business marketing and with your reviews or even thodi si attention se, no. of people start viewing that x business as potential customer ki nazar se. Which reminds me of moving ahead with the core benefits (jo tukdon me you people have probably made out reading this article).

Benefits other than the obvious ones (increased sales through maps) hinted in the above written content are as follows:

    • Ranking highly over search result pages. In return pass on the account as credible in google maps for 

    • Investment on local search ads ( jo de aapka lamba saath) can amplify the visitors’ consumer conversion, possibly attracting more new audiences.

    • More reviews boost the authenticity and also can make it to the local SEO pack 3*.

    • Social media engagement can further make the bumpy ride, a smooth one.

    • Increased footfall spread more awareness about your business’ existence.

    • The fact that your marketing strategy has google maps, customer satisfaction is directly proportional to the ease and accessibility of your account

To conclude, addressing all the (*) if some need elaboration on the terms used above.

Kripya google karlijie. Itne me itna hi milega (not in a rude tone). DHANYAWAD.

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