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Instagram Reels and Marketing

The era of marketing has been evolving hand in hand with digitalization. With so many badges it has acquired so far and all the success with brands and even small businesses too, the newest badge is Content Marketing. And it can’t go wrong with Social Media, off course, because it’s as incomplete as ‘Biryani without Raita’. 


Somewhere between the non stop popularity of tik tok and the just emerged newbie ‘IGTV’, an idea gave birth. Instagram Reels initiation happened in August 2019 in Brazil. Which eventually spread like wildfire globally and hit the chords of Marketing campaigns which was a much required makeover.

Instagram Reels are short videos shared on instagram feeds.The journey can be best described with following description:

ENTERTAINMENT, ENTERTAINMENT AUR  SIRF ENTERTAINMENTThe only mantra with which instagram reels was intended to be introduced, was levelling up content based features to this already blockbuster app, Instagram. Though it couldn’t give much competition to Tik tok with the advancement of sound, effects and editing tools, still being the ‘Khatron ke Khiladi’ it took a great chance in leveraging this fact (entertainment and masala) in its favor.With this nascent technology, it filled the picture album of instagram and converted it from jpeg folder to mp4 world. Picking up with the tunes of bollywood music or famous western bands, reels have revamped the complete ‘nazariya’ of people towards the world of content showcase. It surely started off with informal video content platform but transformed into the easier medium to acquire and maintain traction on Instagram, so it became a no brainer to integrate marketing 

campaigns through social and commercial message 

Brands have started taking up this platform as ‘sunehra mauka’ for their campaigns and strategies.

Following are some tipniyan on my opinion with how much i’ve observed till now:


    Today with emerging social media influencers on Instagram, everybody is pushing themselves to be something in this crowd and actually believe in it. Instagram reels is just another platform which makes it easy for big brands or even entertainment franchises to identify and pick talented people who can portray them with creative ideas in front of such a huge audience.
  1. B) FAYDE 101

Out of the many perks of this platform, navigating marketing campaigns into the explore tab is much easier than the regular reach through individual profiles’ content. It has a longer life as it gets a separate tab in the field, also can easily be restored and create a trend overnight which works as ‘sone pe suhaga’ for the marketing campaigns.


Getting to know the parampara and pratishtha of this platform can get you so much of favor to walk through this content creating journey for your brand while keeping a close eye monitoring brand engagement with the app.
Creating reels may be ‘bachchon ka khel’ but creating entertaining and engaging reels can be a ‘tedhi kheer’ when you’re targeting a whole bunch of audience for your products or services.


knowing the perfect amalgamation of influencers’ content with your promotional reels has turned to be the successful ‘rab ne Bana Di jodi’ for marketing campaigns. Another advantage is the access to a wider audience through these influencers has really broadened the boundaries of the entertainment industry where anyone and everyone has a chance of their own. This works in a circle as all this process is not as expensive as it used to be earlier with only the A- lister film industry celebrities, inside or outside the country.

Every tiny thread of this content creating fraternity stitch together to share the emotions of support, love and laughter with each other to form this digital but social ecosystem of its own, which sometimes fails to serve the purpose with ‘jitne muh utni baatein’(everybody is present online).

Now when you know this ecosystem, it becomes very important for one to embrace it.

This further accelerates to top gear tossing your content to multi platform campaigns. Meaning, Facebook owns instagram and everything therein can span from instagram reels using the paid promotions to facebook timeline ads  to messenger chatbots to authentic and sponsored instagram stories.

Using the shopping feature through reels has proved to be the Brahmastra for this marketing strategy. In this way it’s engaging more audience and easily converting them to customers.

Holding contests, viral trends and shorter, lighthearted content makes brands leverage a diverse catalogue of several other creative ‘tap to’ features of its own..


User insight is something really critical here and extremely crucial for behtar performance of these campaigns.

  • How user friendly and engaging is your content in these multiple social media platforms.
  • What gap is addressed and fulfilled with your content, working in your digital marketing.
  • Paise ki bachat ofcourse where most campaigns get ‘bure tarah ki maat’,can now manage how much to allocate here and then spend accordingly for other paid tareeke.
  • how research of competition companies or brands with leveraging insights of earlier campaigns can help bring everytime a better and more relatable content for the audience.
  • Reels content addressing what kinds of funnels for lambi umar of the marketing strategies.
  • Quality over quantity ko madde nazar rakhte hue these often increases the chance of right type of traffic to the sites.

With so much being said it may not be as revolutionary or as glorified as it may have looked through the above words but surely the ‘muqaddar ka sikandar’ for everybody out there sharing this much information online. A solid readymade user base, high engagement and endless creative branding opportunities, Instagram reels is surely a valuable tool to earn more share of voice in an already crowded market.


Complimenting the app by  being unique and cohesive instagram aesthetic is visually pleasing. It opens so many doors and windows to this whole villa of consistent creativity maintaining quality and variety both. Catering to a generation of people with shorter attention spans and being easily accessible on the go makes it possibly the ‘baazigar’ in the race of social media marketing in my opinion.

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